Ulike Air3 vs. Air+ IPL Device: Which One Should You Buy? (2024)

The Ulike Saphir Air series is one of the best-selling IPL hair removal series worldwide. It mainly consists of 4 devices including Ulike white, light green, dark green and purple handheld IPL device. After the enormous success of...Ulike Saphir Air+ Dark Green IPL devicelast year Ulike has this yearSaphir Air3 Purple handheld devicebrought on the market.

The goal behind the launch of the Ulike Saphir Air3 IPL device is to achieve long-lasting results in less time and incorporate the company's latest technology into a lighter, slimmer and better-looking device. This advanced device is designed keeping in mind the suggestions of Ulike's valuable users. So it's a collaboration between a top company and you.

In this blog we compare the 2 top models of the Ulike Air IPL series, the Ulike Air3 Purple and the Air+ Dark Green IPL device.

Ulike Air3 Purple vs. Air+ Dark Green IPL Device

1. Design and Aesthetics: Winner - Air3

The Ulike Air+ IPL device is a combination of a beautiful dark green color and gold details. One of its ends has a connector while the other supports a large light window. The lower, flat end also allows you to set up the device easily.

It fits comfortably in the hand and weighs only 280 grams, making the hair removal process easier. The Ulike Air3 is a beautiful device in a purple hue with white details. It weighs only 271 grams, making it even lighter than a cell phone.

Ulike is the name for luxurious, exquisite and aesthetically designed devices. So if you look at both devices individually, they are both beautiful and attractive. However, when held side by side, the Ulike Air3 attracts more attention because of its delicate, slim and minimalist design with subtle colors.

2. Contents of the packaging: Winner - Draw

Both sets contain everything you need for hair removal in the bathroom. With the Ulike Air+ set you get the green IPL device, a user manual, a black charger, a power cord, a smooth razor, a pair of safety glasses and a square leather box to store the entire set.

Similarly, this containsUlike Saphir Air3Set includes a crystal purple IPL device, user manual, white adapter with power cord, small razor, safety glasses and a rectangular gray leather box for storage and travel.

Looking closer at the packaging, it looks like a gift box due to the pretty colors and well-packaged box. So if you see your loved one struggling with unwanted hair, the Ulike IPL device can surely amaze him/her.

3. Comfort Modes: Winner - Air3

Another exclusive feature of the Ulike Saphir Air IPL series is how comfortable and gentle the device feels on the skin. Although the Ulike Saphir Air+ Dark Green IPL device is painless, it only has one mode for the whole body. However, the Ulike Air3 Purple IPL device offers 3 different modes depending on the body part, taking comfort to the extreme.

Soft mode is best suited for soft, sensitive and delicate parts of the body such as the face, chin, upper lip and bikini line; Body mode is perfect for larger areas with thick and strong skin such as arms and legs; and the power mode effectively removes stubborn and coarse hair in areas such as armpits and chest.

4. Skin Tone Compatibility: Winner - Draw

One of the biggest drawbacks of IPL hair removal devices is their limited compatibility with skin tones and hair. Just like other IPL devices, Ulike Saphir Air3 and Air+ are the perfect hair removal device for you if you have light skin tones such as light, medium brown or brown. It is also suitable for dark hair colors such as black, light brown and dark brown.

However, if your hair falls into the white, gray, red, and blonde category or your skin tone is dark brown or black, you may want to stick to shaving or waxing to get rid of unwanted hair. You can also view the compatibility table on Ulike's website before ordering the device.

5. Treatment time: Winner - Air3

Ulike Saphir Air+offers 5 intensity levels for the face, bikini area, armpits, legs and arms. According to Ulike, treating the entire body with the Air+ IPL device only takes 10 minutes.

However, depending on the thickness of the hair, the intensity level used and the surface of the skin, a full body treatment may take more than 30 minutes. Additionally, you can either press the button intermittently to create lightning, or hold it down while moving on your skin.

Although 30 minutes is considered fast for a full-body treatment, the Ulike Air3 is even faster with its speed of 0.7 seconds per flash. The device also offers an auto-glide mode that makes the session more user-friendly and faster. Its 3 intensity levels are suitable for all areas of the body.

Thanks to the ergonomic flash window and 2 treatment modes, the device takes less than 30 minutes to remove hair from all over the body.

6. Time to Results: Winner - Air3

What is the advantage of an IPL device over other hair removal methods if it does not show results in a short time? So, Ulike Saphir makes the devices that satisfy you with their amazing results within a month. The Ulike Air+ Dark Green IPL device can deliver more than 90% hair growth reduction in 4 weeks.

And the Ulike Saphir Air3 Purple IPL device is faster with its exceptional hair reduction results within 3 weeks. So, 6-9 sessions in just 21 days can give you the smooth hairless skin you crave.

In addition, the long wavelength of 1200 nm of light penetrates deep into the skin and prevents ingrown hairs and strawberry legs.

7. Sapphire Ice Cooling Technology: Winner - Air3

All Ulike devices feature exclusive ice cooling technology that transfers the temperature of the hot light beams from 158F to 58F, a cooling, cold temperature. This means your hair removal session will take place without any burning or stinging. The same applies to the Ulike Air+.

However, if you use the highest intensity level or your skin is very sensitive, you may feel a slight sting despite the low temperature. To solve this problem and provide a better experience, theDifferent Air3via a multi-stage cooling system.

In addition to the patented dynamic ice cooling technology similar to Air+, the Air3 also features a VC and graphene liquid cooling system and dual heat dissipation fans. Both the hand and skin will only feel a maximum temperature of 68°C for up to 30 minutes of continuous use.

8. FDA certified and dermatologically tested

Ulike does not introduce any products for its valuable users without ensuring the security of the application. Whether it is the Saphir Air+ Dark Green or the Air3 Purple IPL device, it has been approved by the FDA before being released into the market. In addition, Ulike has broken new ground in safety approval by having the device approved by all healthcare organizations worldwide.

And the top dermatologists and influencers also love Ulike devices because they have contact sensors to protect the skin from unwanted burns and an eye protection design that prevents the light from spreading beyond the window and so the Protects eyes from damage. In addition, it also offers safety glasses to ensure the highest level of safety.

9. Energy of Light Used: Winner - Air3

Why do you think the Ulike Air3 Purple IPL device delivers results within 3 weeks? You guessed it right! The secret lies in the increased power of the light beams.

While the Ulike Saphir Air+ Dark Green IPL device delivers 19 J of power to destroy the hair and reach its roots, the Ulike Saphir Air3 Purple device has an energy level of 21 J that interrupts the life cycle of the hair and its follicle.

In this way, it completely destroys the hair-producing cells and delivers better results in less time and with fewer treatments.

Comparison table

Let's look at the key differences between the two devices to see what led Ulike to create the Air3 IPL device, even though the Air+ was also popular worldwide.


Different Air3

Various Air+



271 Gramm

280 Gramm


Exclusive technology

  • Patented ice cooling technology
  • Patented ice cooling technology
  • Heat dissipation through two air channels
  • Graphene and VC liquid cooling technology


Intensity levels




Number of flashes




Contents of the packaging

  • Purple IPL device
  • Adapter with cable
  • Rectangular gray leather box
  • safety goggles
  • razor
  • Dark green IPL device
  • Adapter with cable
  • Square dark green leather box
  • safety goggles
  • razor






Area of ​​effect

Full body

Full body


Time to results

3 weeks

4 weeks



2 years

2 years


Energy level

21 J

19 J



The Ulike Saphir Air IPL device series has the most powerful and efficient hair removal technology. Therefore we have a comparison between theUlike Saphir Air3 Purple, the recently released handheld device, and theUlike Saphir Air+Dark Green, Ulike's best-selling handheld IPL device.

While the differences between the two devices are subtle, they are also important and impact the overall IPL hair removal experience in terms of treatment time and duration, user experience and feasibility, and finally usage and comfort modes. Therefore, we have explained the details of these differences in this article.

Ulike Air3 vs. Air+ IPL Device: Which One Should You Buy? (2024)


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