▷ The best laser epilators. Ranking and Reviews (2024)

Laser epilators – Purchase advice, ranking and reviews for 2024

Epilation is a now very widespread aesthetic treatment which, following constant and repeated sessions, slows down the growth of unwanted hair. If you are not willing to invest time and money at the beauty center, buy a device like this to permanently remove unwanted hair from your armpits, bikini line and face. Let's see two particularly interesting models, starting withBeurer Tria LAS 50a device that works completely painlessly and is sold at a low cost, orTria beauty laser 4 x, clinically tested and with diode laser technology.

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Guide to choosing the best laser epilator

A laser epilator is a tool until recently relegated only to the best beauty centres, the price you pay today to have this technology directly in your home seems apparently high, but it abundantly repays the convenience of being able to manage your hair in complete autonomy. personal beauty sessions.

Before choosing the most suitable model for you, compare prices but also the features that cannot be missing from a device of this type. The guide we have drawn up will help you clarify the expectations and essential features to look for in a good epilator.

▷ The best laser epilators. Ranking and Reviews (21)

Buying Guide

What is pulsed light and why is it different from laser

There is still some confusion between the different methods used to give yourself permanent hair removal at home that can effectively slow down the hair regrowth times. While on the one hand we must surrender to the evidence that there is no method that absolutely eradicates regrowth forever, it is also true that there are systems, even within easy reach and for use at home, which significantly slow down the reappearance of hair and make them progressively weaker.

The method that uses the best laser epilator to weaken hair right down to the root is used exclusively in beauty centers and by qualified personnel, such as professional beauticians or, better yet, specialized doctors.

On the other hand, the technology that uses the special technology that emits beams of light that permeate the skin until they reach the base of the hair bulb provides gratifying results, although not comparable to professional ones, which can give quite a lot of satisfaction. It is no coincidence that the ranking of preferred home hair removal methods is seeing a good diffusion of these tools, also supported by the positive reviews of users who use them regularly.

Security systems

There are numerous products on the market, all of which offer different characteristics and are sold at prices that also have large fluctuations.

The characteristics to take into consideration are above all those that allow the devices to be used in complete safety, therefore the lamp must emit the pulses without burning or damaging the skin. Activate only when it is correctly positioned or if the skin and hair phototype corresponds to that admitted for the treatment.

The wavelength of the light beam must be between 560 and 1200 nanometres, which is as important as the power imparted by the pulses at the level of the light beam, to adequately permeate the skin up to the bulb.

▷ The best laser epilators. Ranking and Reviews (22)

The importance of easy handling

The best brand offers various versions of the same product on the market to meet the most diverse needs. In fact, today there are devices that can be connected directly to the mains or that can work independently after a period of charging.

Also choose based on the use you intend to make of the device, the more manageable products will be suitable for taking on holiday, while other more important ones can be used more comfortably at home.

The best laser epilators of 2024

To have a complete picture and more elements of choice to understand which onepulsed light epilatorto buy, try taking a look at the suggestions offered below. They are all products chosen among the best sellers of the year and which have recorded the greatest success among consumers.

But if you are looking for the bestlaser epilatorof 2024, pay attention to the basic difference already expressed in the guide preceding this ranking: the laser is a technology used only by professionals, doctors or beauticians, in specialized centers for this type of treatment, so don't rack your brains further looking for whichlaser epilatorbuy for your home beauty treatments.

Recommended products

Beurer Tria LAS 50


▷ The best laser epilators. Ranking and Reviews (23)

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Main advantage:

The cost of this device is quite low compared to those of the same category and the results do not take long to be seen: only after three applications, you will begin to notice a thinning of the hair.

Main disadvantage:

The battery lasts when you carry out the treatment on small areas, but in the case of larger parts of the body it may be necessary to divide the treatment into multiple sessions, so as to be able to recharge the device.

Verdict 9.7/10

To progressively remove hair from delicate areas such as the groin, armpits and face, the epilator is the right tool, because it is painless, effective and extremely low cost, especially when compared to the amount you would invest in going to the beautician.

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Description Main Features

What is meant by hair removal?

Epilation consists of an aesthetic treatment that must be carried out at specialized centers. Given the success achieved in recent years, many companies have thought of creating devices that can be used comfortably at home, just like this one from Beurer. The device works on the hair bulb, which is rich in melanin which works like a sort of sponge that absorbs laser light. The resulting heating causes the destruction of the bulb itself which will become inactive.

Application after application, you will first notice a weakening of the hair, which will fall out on its own or be easily removable with tweezers, and then the thinning of the hair. The hair removal will not be permanent but the hair may grow back in the event of hormonal changes, such as during pregnancy (aspect specified in the instruction booklet).

Although it is a highly technological treatment, it could be ineffective in the case of dark skin or blond, red, gray or white hair: the epilator gives its best when passed on dark hair and a light complexion.


▷ The best laser epilators. Ranking and Reviews (24)

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Handy and compact

The Beurer hair removal device is specially designed for convenient use at home. During the creation phase, the company tried to keep in mind the typical (perhaps even inexperienced) user of the product, and therefore chose an extremely easy to handle, light and compact design: the small size of the head makes it ideal for small areas of the body, such as the mustache, cheekbones or the lower part of the chin, where there is hair that is difficult to remove using other methods.

The surface it can treat is equivalent to approximately 1 cm in diameter while the upper window is approximately 1.5 cm in diameter. About 3 seconds pass between the emission of one flash and another, just enough time to move the device carefully and direct the window to the next point.

Power indicator

Depending on the fluff, you can set one of the three available power levels. Once selected, you can check its activity thanks to the integrated LED indicator. We remind you that this is a painless treatment and therefore even if you set the highest power, you will have nothing to fear.

For maximum convenience, the epilator is cordless and works thanks to a built-in rechargeable battery. A full charge takes about 2 hours, and then you can use the device for half an hour. If you are not an expert, this interval of activity may seem very short to you, although you will later notice that it is more than sufficient. In case of doubts, you can consult the exhaustive instruction booklet, also written in Italian.

Pre-treatment tips

After purchasing the device, in order for it to be more effective, we suggest that you pass the razor over the area to be treated a few days before, so that the hair is still short enough when the epilator passes through. Shave the area beforehand for the first three treatments (it always depends on the type of hair) and then you can even do without it.

If, however, you are not accustomed to using a razor blade, because you fear cutting yourself, you can also not carry out this operation and work on medium-length hair: the results will take longer to be noticed, but they will still arrive. Then, repeat the treatment depending on the type of hair, skin, area to be treated and age.

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Tria beauty laser 4 x


▷ The best laser epilators. Ranking and Reviews (25)

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This Tria epilator is clinically tested and proven and uses powerful diode laser technology which promises notable results three weeks after the second application (70% hair reduction). For more lasting results, you will have to wait at least three months, but from then on the parts on which you have performed the treatment will remain hairless for a long time.

The epilator boasts five power levels, as well as the safety system that prevents the flash from being emitted on skin or hair with shades other than those expected: in the case of red, grey, white or blond hair and very dark skin , the sensor will not emit laser light that can deactivate the follicles.

For maximum comfort, it works wirelessly thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery: check the charge on the intuitive and easy-to-use LCD display, but remember that the higher the power level, the shorter the battery life.


Excellent level for home use:

The performances offered by the Tria epilator are almost comparable to those of a professional device used in specialized centers. With five power levels, intuitive LCD display and long-lasting rechargeable battery, every user will be able to try their hand at the treatment without any difficulty.

Hue sensor:

Epilation achieves the best results on people with light or olive skin who have dark hair. Unfortunately, it is a treatment that is strongly not recommended for people with dark complexions or blond, grey, red or white hair. In this case, the appropriate sensor blocks the emission and no flash will be emitted from the window.


The epilator is designed specifically for home use and therefore aims to be easy to handle, practical and light. The dimensions are very small (11 x 15.5 x 25 cm) and the weight, which does not exceed one and a half kilos, makes each treatment more comfortable.


The price:

The cost of this Tria epilator is quite high and could reduce the user base available to invest this amount.

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Beurer IPL 10000+

▷ The best laser epilators. Ranking and Reviews (27)Looking for the bestpulsed light epilatorof 2024, it is not surprising to find a Beurer brand product, a less advertised but also less expensive brand, although not of inferior quality.

When you wonder how to choose a gooddomestic pulsed light epilator that responds well to the needs of obtaining a good job but at zero risk, some factors must be kept in mind, which this model responds to satisfactorily.

It has a surface of 7 cm, one of the largest, for the emission of 250,000 pulses but the precision treatment of the smallest areas is allowed by the special tool which reduces the surface from which the light beam is projected.

Like any other pulsed light epilator, this one also works best based on the type of skin color, the contrast of the hair color and its robustness. Here we find an automatic sensor that warns of the compatibility and safety of the treatment. The sensor also warns if contact with the skin occurred correctly.

Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of the new laser epilator made by Beurer that you have just read the review of.



The extra large light surface is 7 cm square, one of the largest on the market. The advantage is that the treatment can be completed much faster.


All areas of the body can be treated thanks to the precision accessory supplied.


The presence of a special sensor offers the benefit of warning if contact with the skin has occurred correctly, guaranteeing high safety during the treatment.


Another advantageous function of the sensor consists in personalized recognition of skin type, ideal for evaluating compatibility with the device.



This is not the cheapest epilator on the market.

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Remington IPL6250 i-Light Essential

▷ The best laser epilators. Ranking and Reviews (28)Another device that convinces buyers and which is included in our proposal of the most interesting offers present this year is the Remington: a good compromise between price and available features.

In comparison with the other models, it immediately emerges that here too there is no lack of reassurances in terms of safety for the skin, in order to dose the treatment based on the real need of the area to be treated.

It has a 3cm square light beam emission window, not very large but sufficient to operate with care even in the most delicate areas.

It works with dual beam emission modes, continuous for rapid treatment, or pulsed with 3 second intervals. The intensity is adjustable on five levels, a detail that allows you to find the individual optimum and not stress the skin. The automatic sensor warns of the correct positioning of the device on the skin or of the possibility of using it or not based on the color. Always remember that skin that is too dark and hair that is too light is not suitable for this type of treatment.

The Remington i-Light Essential is a valid product that has achieved good sales success and favorable opinions from the majority of users. Let's review its most significant strengths and weaknesses.


Quality price:

The Remington is versatile and has all the useful functions for effective hair removal. Furthermore, it has a very competitive price, a requirement always highly appreciated by consumers.


The device is very versatile because it has two light beam emission modes and an intensity adjustable on five levels. The advantage for the user is that they can constantly adapt it to their needs.

2-in-1 sensor:

The presence of the practical 2 in 1 sensor offers the double benefit of ensuring greater safety, because it warns of the correct positioning, and of establishing the compatibility of the device with various skin types.



Some users complain of pain during use.


The epilator does not seem to be particularly suitable for facial treatments.

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Imetec Bellissima Zero

▷ The best laser epilators. Ranking and Reviews (29)It looks like a normal epilator, the kind that works by rotating the tweezers, but it is a little gem and a concentration of beauty salon technology finally at hand.

The compact and aesthetically pleasing shape hides the HPL Plus technology, designed specifically for home treatment, which also uses vibrations to increase the effectiveness of the hair removal action.

It has the possibility of setting the continuous emission of light to speed up the treatment and not have to wait the canonical three seconds between one impulse and another: ideal once you have become familiar with this type of treatment. It emits 50,000 light pulses at a time, thus ensuring good durability especially if used by a single person. It is placed in the mid-range offered by Imetec's Bellissima range, but it is a suitable tool for keeping the regrowth of hair that is not yet completely weakened under control, even when away from home or on holiday.

With constant use and the patience that these devices require, it is possible to obtain pleasant results.

Let's now review the major strengths and weaknesses of the Bellissima Zero epilator, among the best-selling online, which was produced by Imetec, a leading company in the sector.

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How to use the laser epilator

Although it is not a cheap tool, the laser epilator, once available only in beauty centers, is increasingly present in women's homes. In fact, not everyone has the time and ability to go to the beautician every time the need arises: work and a family to take care of take up most of the hours of the day and, in order not to neglect yourself, this device is a good solution. . Furthermore, although it can cost over one hundred euros, the expense is amortized by saving on sessions with the beautician.

▷ The best laser epilators. Ranking and Reviews (30)

A permanent solution?

It must be said that home laser epilators are not a permanent solution to hair growth. There is certainly a slowdown compared to the use of razor blades or waxing but resign yourself to the idea that the hair, just as it goes away, comes back (sooner or later). Furthermore, regrowth times vary from subject to subject. In this sense, the characteristics of the hair and the epidermis contribute.

The preliminaries

It is very important that the epilator should be used on skin that is already hairless. So you have to remove them from the area you want to treat with the method you normally use, therefore, razor blade, waxing or flamethrower (obviously we're joking). After making sure that there is no more hair, pass a towel over the area to be treated and dry it thoroughly.

▷ The best laser epilators. Ranking and Reviews (31)

The correct position of the spout

Now that the skin is smooth and dry you can move on to the second phase. It is important that the nozzle of the epilator adheres as much as possible to the skin: otherwise the epilator will not work. In general there are two ways of operating, depending on whether you want to act on more limited areas, such as the armpits, or on larger areas, such as the legs. In the case of smaller areas it is advisable to press and release the start button while, for large areas, we use the function that we can define as fast scrolling.

Even on the face

The epilator cannot only be used on the legs and armpits. This tool can also be used on the face. The first thing to do in this specific case is to thoroughly shave your face. The use of products designed for this purpose is more than advisable. Once the skin is well cleansed, we move on to removing the hair using the method you prefer. Now you can finally move on to the epilator and, even in this case, the nozzle must be as close to the skin as possible. It is essential to remember to always clean the nozzle thoroughly after each use.

Frequent questions

How does the laser epilator work?

The laser epilator is a device capable of emitting a beam of light, a laser, which acts on the hair bulb in a fraction of a second, causing damage. This is possible because the lamp identifies the different percentage of melanin between the skin and the hair, therefore operation is optimal if the skin is very light and the hair is very dark.

Since the device is able to identify only growing bulbs, it is necessary to repeat the initial applications several times within the first few months, so as to be able to gradually act on an ever-increasing number of bulbs.

How to prepare for hair removal with a laser epilator?

Among the fundamental steps to follow so that the laser treatment is truly effective, there is certainly the use of a full-screen sun cream in the week before use. In general, in fact, exposure to the sun in the days preceding the treatment itself is not recommended.

Another fundamental step is hair removal: two days before using the laser device, it is advisable to shave the affected area. Other hair removal methods such as waxing or cream are not recommended, as their aggressiveness could make the skin excessively sensitive.

Finally, it is preferable to limit the use of alcohol-based deodorants and creams, which could interfere with the normal functioning of the laser.

What is the difference between laser and pulsed light hair removal?

The substantial difference lies in the light beam emitted by the two devices: the laser one is made up of a single wavelength, so as to be able to identify and attack only the hair bulb.

Pulsed light, on the other hand, also perceives the melanin of the skin, which is why it requires a greater contrast between the color of the skin and the fur, and requires a greater number of sessions and even greater attention to exposure to sunlight.

In terms of yield and effects, laser hair removal guarantees better results, both in terms of time and effectiveness, working faster and managing to guarantee hair loss of over 80%.

Can you use laser epilator during pregnancy?

Doctors usually advise against any type of invasive procedure during pregnancy, which is why, even in this case, many argue that it is good practice to suspend laser hair removal in these months.

In fact, although the pulsation penetrates minimally inside the skin, it seems that it is not appropriate to subject the woman, and thus the child, to a stressful situation of this type.

Can the laser epilator for men be used?

Laser treatment is also recommended for men, both for aesthetic and comfort reasons, for example in the case of intense sport. The operation and the technique used are exactly the same as those for women, however it may happen that in order to obtain satisfactory results a greater number of sessions are required as male hormones tend to accelerate normal hair regrowth.

However, the precautions and any contraindications are the same, with the same attention being paid in case of moles, burns or exposure to the sun.

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These products are among the most recommended, but are currently not available

IMETEC Bellissima Flash&Go Fast

Main advantage

It is an extremely versatile and complete laser epilator, since it has two lamps, one of lower intensity to treat the most delicate areas, such as the skin of the face and armpits; the other, however, for the rest of the body.

Main disadvantage

Its effectiveness requires time and consistency in use to manifest itself; the affected areas must be treated regularly, for a few months, before truly appreciable results can be obtained.

Verdict 9.8/10

It is one of the laser epilators most appreciated by consumers, not only for the excellent quality/price ratio, but also for its versatility and ease of use, thanks to the comfortable and practical handle.

Description Main Features

HPL Plus Technology

The Bellissima Flash&Go Fast laser epilator, produced by Imetec, makes use of the special patented HPL Plus technology, which uses a double combination of energy, light and acoustic vibrations, to counteract the growth of unwanted hair even more effectively, both on normal areas of the body, such as legs and arms, and on the more delicate areas to be treated, such as the armpits, face and groin.

This technology, clinically tested and approved by the American FDA, is enriched by the presence of two different sensors which make the use of the Flash&Go Fast epilator even safer; the first, in fact, is a Skin Touch sensor which enables the emission of the pulse only if the lamp is in contact with the skin, while the second is a Skin Color sensor which detects the skin tone and automatically blocks the pulse when it detects darker areas, such as moles.

Double lamp

Two lamps are included in the Flash&Go Fast laser epilator package; the one for main use is a high-performance lamp that offers a guaranteed duration of 120,000 pulsations, without the need for any maintenance or refills, while the second is a lamp with lower light intensity, intended to treat the most sensitive areas of the skin, and offers a guaranteed duration of over 1,000 pulsations.

Furthermore, the intensity of the light emitted can be adjusted to five different levels, in order to personalize the treatment based on the type and tone of the skin; hair removal, then, can be performed in two different modes thanks to the integrated Dual Use system, which allows continuous activation when larger areas need to be treated, and the emission of single light pulses, instead, for the treatment of small and more delicate areas.

Versatile and easy to use

The Bellissima Flash&Go laser epilator can be safely used by both women and men, on all skin types included in classes from I to VI on the Fitzpatrick scale, introduced in 1975 by the Harvard dermatologist of the same name.

Furthermore, thanks to the double lamp, it does not suffer from any type of restriction and can be used to treat not only the legs and arms, but also the back, the chest, the bikini line, the armpits and the female face.

The comfortable pistol grip, among other things, equipped with an activation button located at the height of the index finger, like the trigger of a gun, and the practical arrangement of the control buttons, located on the back of the epilator, make it It is extremely easy to use.

Philips SC2008/11 Lumea Precision Plus

This Lumea model is also fully included among our purchasing recommendations, one of the first to offer itself on the consumer market which therefore offers technology that has already been extensively tested and with good results proven by those who continue to prefer it.

It is no coincidence that it is among the most successful models sold online during the year. It has a control system that makes it easy to use especially in terms of safety, such as the one that avoids the emission of flashes accidentally and not when the device is positioned correctly on the area to be treated.

Like other devices offered today, here too we find more than one lamp for a targeted treatment based on the area to be epilated. Here there are three lamps, one for the larger areas and therefore larger to speed up the beauty session, another for the bikini band and the other specifically for the face. The possibility of cordless use is convenient to avoid having to worry about the wire in the most difficult to reach parts.

The light is set in a targeted way also thanks to the possibility of regulating the intensity of the beam on five levels.

There are therefore numerous advantages ensured by the Philips Lumea Precision Plus which have pushed us to include it in our guide to choosing the best laser epilator. Let's briefly review what they are.



The Philips guarantees maximum safety because it prevents the accidental emission of pulses which occurs, however, only when the device is positioned correctly on the area to be treated.

Three lamps:

There are three lamps supplied and the advantage is to treat the various areas of the body more specifically. To underline the presence of the accessory for the bikini area which not many epilators include.


Another strong point of this model is the possibility of operating without the bulky wire. You don't necessarily have to be near an electrical outlet but you can shave anywhere, making it easier to use.


The intensity of the light can be set to five different levels, among which it is possible to find the one best suited to your needs every time.



Not being connected to the mains, the Philips cannot be used for a long time without being recharged.

Imetec Bellissima Flash&Go Plus

One of the best pulsed light epilators turned out to be the one proposed by Imetec with its Bellissima Flash&Go Plus, designed to dose the power based on the different areas of action. If not comparable to the performance obtainable with the bestprofessional laser epilators, this allows you to obtain good results even at home, especially if your phototype is compatible with the maximum performance of this machine.

Designed specifically for home treatment, the H in HPL stands for Home, it emits very intense pulses of light capable of attacking the hair bulb in a targeted and specific way, but from the comfort of your own home. It also uses an innovative technology that adds the power of vibrations to better reach the base of the hair and act in depth with visible results after just a few sessions.

The package includes two lamps, one with 120,000 pulses and designed to reach larger areas, while the 1,000 pulse one works in a more specific and defined way on the areas of the face to be kept in order. It is advisable to scrupulously follow the instructions given by the manufacturer to avoid incorrect use of the appliance which, if used well, is capable of giving good satisfaction.

Let us now summarize the main characteristics of theBellissima laser epilatorFlash & Go Plus by Imetec which, as you have seen, ensures significant benefits for consumers.


Adjustable power:

Imetec allows you to adjust the power of the pulsed light and the advantage for users is to treat the different areas of the body more specifically.

Quality price:

The epilator is able to attack the hair bulb in an effective and targeted manner and its cost is not high. If you don't know where to buy this model, click on the link and you will find an advantageous offer.


Bellissima Flash & Go Plus is a technologically advanced product that adds the power of vibrations to that of pulsed light to better reach the base of the hair and act more deeply.

Two lamps:

The package includes two lamps, 120,000 pulses and 1,000 pulses. The benefit for the user is the greater flexibility of use which allows you to treat, in the first case, larger areas and, in the second case, defined and specific areas of the face.



Of course, those expecting miraculous results after a few treatments will be disappointed. It takes several sessions to appreciate significant improvements.

How to choose the best Imetec laser epilator of 2024?

To eliminate the annoying problem of unwanted hair, nothing is more effective than a laser epilator. To avoid having to constantly resort to the beautician, you can purchase one to use comfortably at home whenever you want.

We have chosen for you the one proposed by Imetec, a leading company in the production of household appliances useful for personal beauty and health.

Imetec was born in the 70s and immediately became famous for the creation of the Scaldasonno, the electric blanket that makes your rest pleasant. It subsequently expands its production to everything that concerns the well-being and comfort of the person with an eye always turned to respect for the environment. Today it is the leader of the Italian market and present in 42 countries around the world.

Continuously resorting to the beautician to reduce unwanted hair is a waste of considerable money. To achieve the same results while staying comfortably at home, you can invest your money in a pulsed light epilator to use whenever you want.

The light beam technology of these instruments is similar to that used in beauty centers and can considerably weaken the hair bulbs, inhibiting hair regrowth. These products are not low cost but they certainly do not reach that of beauty centers and therefore allow you to save significantly.

One of the features that you cannot ignore is the safety that the epilator you decide to buy must guarantee you. In fact, the impulses produced must not burn the skin, so a model that recognizes the phototype on which to operate is preferable even if it costs a little more.

To permeate the epidermis up to the bulb, the wavelength of the light beam must be between 560 and 1200 nanometers.

If you want to take it with you when you go on holiday, choose a compact model that fits in a bag without weighing you too much. Even more convenient if it is possible to recharge it and use it unplugged for a certain amount of time sufficient to epilate the desired portion of skin.

Imetec Bellissima Zero

Main advantage

Imetec Bellissima Zero is a small and compact epilator to carry comfortably wherever you want. It contains up to 50,000 light pulses that allow you to treat various portions of skin. The two safety systems ensure treatment only in contact with the compatible phototype.

Main disadvantage

The surface of the epilator is small so only small areas of skin can be treated at a time. According to some users, flash charging is not very fast.

Verdict: 9.6/10

Compact and functional, the Imetec laser epilator allows you to be perfect even when you are on holiday. Thanks to its size, in fact, it can be easily placed in a suitcase.

Description Main Features

Compact and handy

If for you the best Imetec laser epilator must first and foremost be easy to take wherever you want, the Bellissima Zero is right for you. It's a compact item that can fit in your bag and doesn't take up much space or force you to give up makeup or makeup.

Thanks to its size it is easy to handle and use thanks also to its long enough wire which allows you to move comfortably while using it.

Unlike other models that have an electrical cable that is too short and forces you to do a thousand acrobatics to use it, this one from Imetec allows you to act while sitting at a certain distance from the socket.

This is also why it has a very affordable price which makes it accessible to all budgets and allows you to save on expensive beautician sessions.

Two application modes

Convenience of use implies a reduction of the surface from which the impulses depart. In this way, in fact, it is not possible to use the epilator on a large portion of skin and it takes more time for larger areas.

This flaw is compensated by the Dual Use function which allows you to choose between continuous light emission and single pulse emission. Using the first you can treat areas such as the legs and arms in less time while with the second you operate with a more targeted action on smaller portions such as the groin and armpits.

To obtain long-lasting results you need to use it frequently and wait at least a few months before checking its effectiveness on the hair bulbs. If you are consistent you will get good results as many users who have chosen it testify.

The 50,000 light pulses are sufficient to treat the areas you want several times but they are not rechargeable and therefore once finished the device must be thrown away.

Safety guarantee

The best Imetec laser epilator of 2024 must guarantee you a treatment in total safety otherwise it cannot be called such. The Bellissima Zero can well apply for this title thanks to its double protection system.

Devices of this type are not effective on all skin tones so you must make sure that yours is compatible so as not to make a wasted purchase. The color of your skin must not be too dark and for this reason it is important that the epilator knows how to recognize yours and operate if necessary.

Another important element is that the device only works when it is in contact with the area to be treated because the impulses could cause problems if not directed in the right way. The Bellissima Zero ensures that it only acts in cases like this so you can operate it with complete peace of mind.

The Best Home Laser Epilators

Braun Silk-Expert BD 5009 Pulsed Light Epilator

A model with really interesting functions and features that could give you a lot of satisfaction if you are willing to face a higher than average expense. Yes, because this Braun is not low cost, but its pulsed light technology is highly effective.

Its SensoAdapt sensor can measure skin tone up to 80 times per second, automatically adjusting the intensity of the pulsed light to maximize hair removal effectiveness and safety. In just four treatments you can keep your hair at bay and prevent it from reaching the surface of the skin.

Users also liked its easy handling and the possibility of using it in the shower, so you can perform the treatment while you wash, speeding up pre-exit preparation times (your partner could light a candle in San Braun for this). Among the negative aspects, we point out the different times which vary according to the area of ​​the body to be depilated: if for the arms some users only took a quarter of an hour, for the legs it took up to 45 minutes of treatment.

Here is an epilator that at first glance may appear very expensive, but which has an excellent quality-price ratio, given its high performance.


Pulsed light:

The new pulsed light hair removal system seems not only faster, but also safer for the permanent removal of unwanted hair.


This particular sensor allows the BD 5009 to adapt the intensity of the light to the skin tone, to obtain greater safety and effectiveness in treatments.


This fast scrolling mode allows you to activate more pulses of light and cover larger areas of the skin.


Thanks to the different systems integrated into the BD 5009, and obviously to its pulsed light, the execution time of treatments is significantly reduced, without compromising on effectiveness.



The only real flaw of the Braun BD 5009, according to consumers, is its very high price, but it is fully proportionate to its quality, in all respects.

Imetec Bellissima Zero Pulsed Light Epilator

Imetec presents a much cheaper model than many others, ideal if you want to try this tool without leaving the proverbial eye in your head. It also stands out for its truly compact dimensions which will allow you to take it with you in any situation, being able to put it both in your suitcase and in your bag.

Its ease of handling could also be a strong point, given that you can easily use it on the whole body, reaching even the most intimate areas without problems. Users appreciated the results obtained, although they stated that several treatments are needed before obtaining them.

So don't expect a super epilator and it could take you an hour or more to complete a session.

If, however, you are looking for where to buy the cheapest model, then perhaps the Imetec epilator is the model for you.



Its small size makes it very similar to a traditional epilator and, consequently, also guarantees it the same manageability and ease of use.


It is equipped with two protection systems; one to regulate the emission of the pulse based on the type of skin, and the other to activate it only when in contact with the area to be treated.

Dual Use:

This functionality allows you to choose between continuous or single pulse emission, favoring faster treatment on large areas, such as legs and arms, or targeted treatment for restricted areas, such as private parts.


It is gentle enough to be used even on the most sensitive areas, such as the face, neck and private parts.



Far too delicate, it requires intensive use and more time to offer satisfactory results.

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