SHR® hair removal for permanent hair removal (2024)

The new SHR® hair removal

The new technology with the “in-motion method”

In addition to the already known methods, a new procedure that is used for permanent hair removal is currently being advertised. It should not only be very effective, but also gentle on the skin and virtually painless. This SHR® for permanent hair removal uses the so-called “in-motion method” for the first time.

This is also photo epilation with laser or IPL, but uses a different application technique. Here are a few words of explanation about this technology so that you can get an idea.

Permanently remove hair with “Super Hair Removal”

In contrast to conventional IPL and laser technology, the SHR® technology or “Super Hair Removal Technology” can be used to permanently remove very light and thin hair. Very good results can also be achieved on dark and tanned skin.

All flat areas of the body can supposedly be freed of unwanted hair growth quickly, painlessly and effectively. Even with SHR® permanent hair removal, it is necessary to repeat the treatments every few weeks until the hair that is still in a stage other than the growth phase has been removed.

SHR®-permanent hair removal

In previous hair removal procedures using IPL and laser, the hair root and follicle were briefly heated.At theLaser and IPL energyattention is paid to melanin.By absorbing the energy, the hair root and follicle along with the germinative cells were destroyed and new hair could no longer grow back. This has worked very well for years, taking into account the limitations of these techniques.

The novelty of the SHR® method is that this technique is said to act directly on the stem cells placed around the hair follicles and therefore does not rely on melanin to permanently eliminate hair growth.

When it comes to permanent hair removal with SHR®, you don't work with individual energy pulses with high peaks, but rather with many repetitions. The technology setsto 75 percent lower energy, which is used with many repetitions and “in-motion”: The handpiece is glided over the same area of ​​skin about six to eight times, which results in a high total energy but does not put any strain on the tissue.And here I have my doubts, because the energy is also dissipated again in between.Is the energy injected really enough to completely destroy the hair follicle and the germinative cells?

In the “in-motion process”, the stem cells and melanin are slowly and steadily heated to a well-tolerated 45 degrees Celsius over a period of up to one and a half minutes using low energy. The proteins of theStem cellsshould be destroyed so that new hair can no longer be produced.

This low temperature protects the skin and helps to avoid pain, but is the hair permanently removed?

It sounds good, but is the energy coupled in sufficient for permanent hair removal? Cooling is a given for high-quality devices.

Advantages compared to pure IPL and laser devices

  • Since SHR® technology, in contrast to simple IPL and laser devices, does not rely solely on the dye melanin contained in the hair, but rather acts directly on the stem cells responsible for hair growth, this method for permanent hair removal is also suitable for light, gray and very fine hair suitable(I've heard different things from other practices). All skin types can also be permanently rid of annoying hair. SHR® can even be used successfully on dark or suntanned skin.
  • Thanks to the “in-motion” sliding technology, the handpiece no longer needs to be placed precisely, which results in better processing of the skin areas, prevents “checkerboard patterns” on the skin and is intended to save time.
  • Permanent hair removal, which uses a quarter of the energy required by laser systems, is virtually painless and therefore much more pleasant for the customer - despite its greater effectiveness compared to IPL and laser technology.Time will tell whether that is true.
  • Due to the lower energy, the surrounding skin is protected significantly more than with IPL technology. Scars and burns are not to be feared as undesirable side effects of the treatment.

These are statements that I was able to find about this new technology. Checkerboard patterns can also be avoided with other application methods. I'm happy to invest time in my practice if the result is correct. However, I do not want to use this technique for my clients in my practice at the moment. I like to believe that the hair falls out.But will you stay away forever?I am in contact with other colleagues who carry out professional hair removal and will wait a few years to see the long-term results. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, there are currently no studies on this method.

SHR® hair removal for permanent hair removal (2024)


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