Restegourmet - 25 clever recipe ideas for every day and taste (2024)

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Every day there is a lot of talk about sustainable living, how much we should pay attention to the energy efficiency of our devices, how we should live more responsibly, which cars we are allowed to drive, and even whether our “daily bread” should come from the region. If you don't buy fair trade and maybe you're not vegan, you're perceived as a criminal.

Everything is well and good, even commendable, how much we care for our earth and care for the animals and plants. Many of us are convinced of organic farming and like to buy the slightly expensive but better products.

Restegourmet works well if you follow the food pyramid



Are we really living sustainably?

When it comes to buying the best for ourselves, we are more than exemplary, but what happens to the products we buy in the fridge or pantry if we don't use them on time?

Organic fruit and vegetables in particular don't last that long and many of us eat outside during the week, whether we want to or not.

In today's article we would like to deal with the leftovers in our refrigerator and take a closer look at the culinary possibilities of the so-called leftover gourmet.

We could all prevent food waste



Restegourmet definition of terms

Despite all our efforts to live sustainably, exemplary and very sensibly, we still don't manage to use up all of the food we buy. Be honest - how often do you throw away food?

And how many tons of food are thrown away every year in Germany alone? Considering how many people are starving in the world, we still have a lot to learn.

Shop and cook according to plan and throw away less

In addition to the anti-throwaway blog, other initiatives have emerged on the global web that aim to limit food waste. This is how Restegourmet came about, which involves ingredient-based recipes.

In short, culinary creations are also possible with the leftovers in your fridge and we'll give you 25 inspiring recipe ideas to prove and cook.

You will be amazed at how many of our well-known and popular fast foods have a history of gourmet food. Have fun cooking and enjoy your meal!

Don't allow excess

Cooking with leftovers has created some of our favorite dishes

What's Hot

DIY Ideas

Make your own tarte flambée - quick, healthy and very local

Tomato bites

This appetizer is ideal for a spontaneous visit, for brunch or even for a picnic. Small but tasty bites filled with bacon and cheese will satisfy any stomach and please the eye.To the recipe:

Mozzarella Sticks

This recipe can be made with all types of cheese and enchants with its crispy coating and creamy filling. Fresh, warm and delicious!To the recipe:

Stuffed peppers (pods)

One of the best recipes to open a party are these bacon-wrapped peppers. A guaranteed pleasure even for people who are averse to spicy food.To the recipe:

Chicken dip

Chicken wings are enjoyed by many people, especially when they are served with a delicious cheese sauce.To the recipe:

Chocolate Chip Cheese Balls

If you would like to surprise your guests with unusual dishes, try the cheese balls with crushed pecans on crispbread. For theRecipe:


This recipe has a country touch and can be made with any type of beer, even non-alcoholic. The melted cheese goes great with pretzels and makes a fantastic snack.To the recipe:

Cranberry Chilli Mett Balls

For this recipe you can use meatballs from the package, because the homemade sauce impresses with its spicy-sweet taste as well as its festive color and wonderful aroma.To the recipe:

Fiesta rolls

As soon as you share these savory snails with your work colleagues or friends, they would definitely ask you for the recipe.To the recipe:

Warm spread made from bacon and cheese

With this high-calorie dip you will not only satisfy your guests, but also leave a delicious memory in everyone forever. Our serving suggestion is to present the warm sauce in a bread bowl. This guarantees you the WOW effect and makes washing up child's play.To the recipe:

Sweet sausage roll

Smoked sausages with honey and brown sugar?! Just mix everything together, offer it freshly baked and judge accordingly!To the recipe:

Stuffed potatoes

One of the best garden party recipes made from simple ingredients that everyone has at home.To the recipe:

Spicy chicken wings

For warm autumn or winter days in the garden, we offer another delicious and spicy recipe with chicken.To the recipe:

Tomato bruschetta

Fresh bruschetta bread is ideal as a starter or for a small snack in between.To the recipe:

Stuffed mushrooms

Especially in autumn, all edible mushrooms go perfectly with every meal. A little cheese, some spices and gratinated with cheese - a quick and delicious meal.To the recipe:

Party Shrimps

The secret of this recipe is in the marinade, in which the crabs should swim for at least an hour.To the recipe:

Taco´ Dip

The original of this recipe was made in a slow cooker and has been described as fantastic by readers.To the recipe:

Mini quiche with sausages

You can also use your favorite muffin cases for this recipe suggestion.To the recipe:

Mini brie tomato pastry

Make no mistake, this is not dessert! Hearty, filling and bite-sized.To the recipe:

Calzone rolls

Our beloved pizza is made from leftovers, but you can always tweak the shape. Prepare a new calzone mold and surprise the guests!to the recipe:

Party mix “sweet and salty”

Offer sweet and salty together? Why not? In the end, everything gets messed up in the stomach anyway.To the recipe:

Pizza Fondue

It's time to rethink and reshape pizza evenings with the family!To the recipe:

Stuffed eggs with smoked salmon

You can conjure up original starters and side dishes quickly, relatively healthily and with very simple means.To the recipe:

Italian Mettbrötchen

“Hui” on the outside, freshly prepared “Hui” on the inside, these Italian delicacies not only ensure a good appetite, but also delicious surprises when you bite into them.To the recipe:

Chicken Nacho Casserole

Do you have so many nachos from the last party and don't know what to do with them?To the recipe:

Dip made from spinach and pickled peppers

If you like eating spinach anyway, try this delicious and healthy cream too!To the recipe:

With planning and thinking, we can throw away less and still eat a more varied diet

Restegourmet - 25 clever recipe ideas for every day and taste (2024)


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