No more bad hair days: Simple tips for well-groomed and beautiful hair in winter 2024 (2024)


Top care for dry winter manes
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No more bad hair days: Simple tips for well-groomed and beautiful hair in winter 2024 (1)

Cloudy weather, short days and then a bad hair day? Not with us! We have put together effective and effective hair care tips for winter that will give volume and shine to sad spaghetti hair. dry tips,Frizzand strained lengths are a thing of the past, because with theproper winter careforlong hairyour mane will shine with Christmas lights!


Hair care in winter - how to keep long hair shiny and healthy

High humidity and dry heating air - the cold season is a real test for long hair. hoods andHatsAlthough they keep our heads warm, they put additional strain on our mane due to the friction when we put them on and take them off. And now? Cut off? With the right hair care, you don't have to part with your long mane! We'll tell you here what's important.

No more bad hair days: Simple tips for well-groomed and beautiful hair in winter 2024 (2)



Proper care for long hair in winter: wash your hair less often and not too hot

Frequent washing can disrupt the scalp's natural moisture balance. Because when it gets cooler outside, the sebaceous glands in the scalp are no longer as active and frequentHair washingdries out the scalp. When dry heating air is added, the hair becomes dull and lackluster. It's better to skip washing your hair or at least skip the shampoo. It is best to use lukewarm water to rinse out hair care products, as hot water can damage long hairHair breakagelead.

Caring for long hair: do not blow-dry or style too hot

When blow-drying, make sure you don't use too much heat and use the right technique. This means: Set the hairdryer to a medium heat setting and dry the hair from a distance of at least 15 centimeters and with regular movement. It's best to air-dry your hair slightly beforehand. With this technique, long hair is dried optimally and even more protected than if it was completely air dried. Even when usingStraighteneretc. you should always only work with medium heat and thatStyling-Toolsdo not use daily. Doesn't your hair lie without heat tools? Then couldSleep hairstylesbe the solution. WithBraid hairstylesor small buns overnight, you have beautiful ones in the morningwaves.

No more bad hair days: Simple tips for well-groomed and beautiful hair in winter 2024 (4)


Healthy, long hair in winter with an adapted care routine

Moisture is what hair needs most in cold and low temperatures. That's why it's important to change your hair care routine accordingly in winter. Depending on your hair structure, that's not all you needperfect shampoo for your hair type, but rather an all-round adapted care to get through the icy months with a healthy, long mane.

No more bad hair days: Simple tips for well-groomed and beautiful hair in winter 2024 (5)

Hair care tips for the cold season: care for dry hair

Dry hairneeds a lot of moisture now, otherwise it becomes dull and brittle and can easily break at the tips. Use a moisturizing shampoo and one after every washConditionerwith nourishing oils. A weekly moisturizing mask or treatment gives the hair suppleness and gives it a strong, healthy shine.

Are you tired of strawy strands? Then we have valuable tips here for how to get startedHome remedies for dry hairyou can miss a moisture booster.


In the clip: Styling tips for bad hair days

Hair care for oily hair

If you tend to have oily hair, gentle care is particularly important in autumn. UseCare products without siliconesor oils and try to only wash your hair every 2 days. This may be difficult at first because the hair sticks limply to your head after just a few hours, but over time the sebaceous glands get used to the new washing rhythm and produce less oil. Massage a mild shampoo into your hair with little pressure so that the sebaceous glands are not stimulated. You can sometimes forego the conditioner; if necessary, simply work a conditioner into the ends of your hair.

No more bad hair days: Simple tips for well-groomed and beautiful hair in winter 2024 (6)


Hair care for fine hair

Fine hair tends to take on a life of its own in the dry heated air and no longer does what we want. The cause is the static charge that builds up the fine hair when you take off the hat or take it offPulloverscan protrude on all sides. Now it's time for the right hair care: invigorating products with caffeine,Argan oil, bamboo orHonigmake the hair more resilient and giveVolume. Flying hairs can be tamed with hair gel, and the hair can also be tied in braids orThe bob haircutbetter hold in place.

Hair care for curly hair

Curly hairDue to its structure, it is particularly susceptible to damage from dry heating air and needs a lot of attention in autumn. Definitely oneCurl careuse that is specifically tailored to the needs of curls: rich shampoo, conditioner,Leave-in careand aHair treatment.This ensures that the hair is sufficiently moisturized. When blow-drying, use medium heat and let your hair air dry first.

Hair care for colored hair

Colored things, especiallybleached hair,is stressed just by the dyeing process and requires special care. The dry heating air in autumn and winter does the rest, so extensive care is a must. Gentle care specifically tailored to the hair provides sufficient moisture and allows the color to shine fresh for a long time.

No more bad hair days: Simple tips for well-groomed and beautiful hair in winter 2024 (7)

Proper hair care: Don't forget your scalp

Not only the hair, but also the scalp suffers from the dry heating air and quickly begins to become tense and itchy. Feelings of tension and tension disappear with a soothing massagedry and itchy scalp, blood circulation is stimulated and dead skin cells are removed. To do this, massage the scalp with your fingertips and distribute a leave-in product through the hair. Or you use oneNatural hair brushwith wild boar bristles. This not only does something good for the scalp, but at the same time distributes the oils from the scalp throughout the lengths of the hair and gives the hair a healthy shine.

Healthy, long hair thanks to the braid under the hat

With the first cold days in autumn we also take our hats and scarves out of the closet. What we perceive as warm and cuddly is not so pleasant for the hair: friction and electrostatic charge are neither good for the hair nor leave it healthyhairstyleto look good. It is better to keep your hair in oneBraidto braid. This means it is protected and does not stick out in all directions. If you want to wear your hair open again afterwards, just braid the hair loosely or gather it into a loose bun so that there are no kinks or waves.

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No more bad hair days: Simple tips for well-groomed and beautiful hair in winter 2024 (8)

Strengthen hair from the inside with a healthy diet

Onehealthy eatingis particularly important in winter because this is how the body develops defenses against viruses and bacteria and thus protects us better against infections. But that's not all: skin and hair also benefit from a vitamin-rich diet. 2 to 3 liters of water per day and a balanced diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables provide the hair with all the important thingsVitaminsand nutrients. Pay attention toZink, biotin, selenium and vitamins A, B and C - they can ensure an intact scalp, a strong hair structure and healthy hair roots.

No more bad hair days: Simple tips for well-groomed and beautiful hair in winter 2024 (9)

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No more bad hair days: Simple tips for well-groomed and beautiful hair in winter 2024 (2024)


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