How to make flavored water? See 5 flavored water recipes + tips (2024)

The story repeats itself: whenever there's a party, even if just for your family at home, it's that rush to prepare the menu, buy the drinks, think about all the decoration details, separate the dishes and glasses, do the back and forth supermarket infinity etc. The funny thing is that we think about so many things that the simplest thing usually escapes us:There can be no shortage of water at the table!After all, only it truly quenches your thirst. Why, then, not offer water in a special outfit, appropriate for the celebration?The invitation is made for aromatized water – or flavored water – to be part of the gathering at the end of the year festivities, at the picnic, at the luau, at outdoor celebrations, at family lunches...Success is guaranteed!

The flavored water has a fancy name but I prepare it vapt-vupt: the recipe is nothing more than water seasoned with pieces of fresh fruit, aromatic herbs and even spices (you'll learn the details later).All natural and without added sugar, resulting in a light, refreshing and healthy drink, which will win over visitors for its smooth flavor and colorful beauty.

How to make flavored water? See 5 flavored water recipes + tips (1)

Multicolored, refreshing and healthy: who can resist flavored water? Photo: Mélane Lago.

Oops! What to know more? In addition to hydrating, flavored water brings other health benefits, as nutritionist Carol Morais explains:“The phytochemicals and active compounds in these ingredients remain in the water”. This way, the minerals and vitamins from fruits and herbs are continuously ingested until the last drop in the jar.

Flavored water – the wildcard recipe

How to make flavored water? See 5 flavored water recipes + tips (2)

Pay attention to the fruit mix – the combinations are endless. Photo: Carrie Vitt.

There are a thousand and one recipes for flavored water (and you'll even come up with your favorites!), but the websiteDeliciously Organicsuggests a basic formula:

  • 1 cup of fresh fruit in pieces or slices;
  • 2 sprigs of herbs (such as mint, lemongrass…);
  • 8 cups of filtered water;

Place everything in a container with a lid and let it rest for at least 2 hours in the refrigerator so that the liquid acquires the flavor and nutritional properties of the ingredients. Then, add ice cubes to taste and enjoy a refreshing and healthy drink, which lasts up to 2 days when stored at low temperatures.

Tipoppa:To surprise your visitors once and for all, replace natural water with sparkling water!The step by step changes a little: add half of the sparkling water during preparation and add the second part just before serving. Tres chic!

How to make flavored water? See 5 flavored water recipes + tips (3)

It looks like a drink, but it's just flavored water made with carbonated water. Photo: Melissa Walker Horn.

Master tricks for the perfect flavored water

Quick and simple to make, the flavored water recipe gets even better when we use tricks that make all the difference in the result:

  • To help release the fruit's flavor and aroma, use the back of a spoon to press down lightly.
  • The power of herbs can also be “activated” – rub the leaves or sprigs gently in the palm of your hands before placing the ingredient in the jar.
  • No one tells this secret: for flavored water to shine indecoration tomesa, there is an exchange of fruits.Once the infusion is ready, remove it from the refrigerator, stir the ingredients well and then strain out any crushed or broken pieces. Before serving to guests, add new fresh fruit and lots of ice to garnish.Now, yes, it looks like a magazine photo!
  • When straining the crushed fruit, do not discard it. Reuse them in other recipes, such as jellies and fruit salad.
  • Has the flavored water jug ​​become empty? Take the opportunity to fill it a second time with filtered water, leaving the fruits to infuse again. The flavor won't be as strong, but it's still worth prolonging the use of the ingredients.

5 top flavored water recipes

These flavored water recipes are mouth-watering! Feel free to change quantities and try new combinations.

1 special strawberry water

How to make flavored water? See 5 flavored water recipes + tips (4)

Strawberry and basil form a unique flavor combination. Try it! Photo: Natasha’s Kitchen.

6 sliced ​​strawberries + ½ sliced ​​lemon + basil leaves + 1 liter of filtered water

Another interesting option is, instead of basil, to usefresh lemongrass leaves.

2 Citrus fruit water

1 sliced ​​Tahiti lemon + ½ sliced ​​lemon + ½ sliced ​​orange (or grapefruit) + mint leaves + 1.5 liters of filtered water

This recipe features an ingredient that frequently appears in other flavored waters: lemon helps with digestion, strengthens immunity, helps balance the body's pH and intestinal function.

An alternative that may also please you is to replace the mint with asprig of rosemary.

Tipoppa: after washing the lemons, before slicing them, roll them on the counter with the palm of your hand, pressing lightly. This movement helps release the fruit juice.

3 Apple water with cinnamon

How to make flavored water? See 5 flavored water recipes + tips (5)

Water deliciously flavored with apple and cinnamon. Photo: Reproduction.

1 apple in cubes or slices + 1 cinnamon stick + lemon drops + 1 liter of filtered water

Those who prefer the flavor of spices will like this version of flavored water. The duo of apple and cinnamon is enhanced by lemon, which also prevents the fruit from darkening.

4 Special watermelon water

6 cubes of watermelon + mint leaves + slice of ginger + 1 liter of filtered water

Watermelon is already the flavor of summer, even more so in this light and super-refreshing recipe, with the unexpected touch of ginger.

5 Red fruit water

How to make flavored water? See 5 flavored water recipes + tips (6)

Red fruit molds? He has! Photo: Musely.

Strawberries in pieces + blackberries + blueberries + raspberries = everything in the ice cube tray!

The proposal here is different: place the fruit in small pieces in an ice cube tray, add water and let it freeze. Then, place these special ice cubes in the jug and add 1 liter of filtered water. If you want to increase it, addmint sprigs + cloves.

The visual effect of the red fruit ice cream will leave your guests enchanted!

Beauty sets itself at the table

Flavored water has a strong presence in the decoration of thedining roomor thetable on the balcony, as it attracts attention with its exuberant colors.

To enhance this characteristic, use translucent containers – in addition to the traditional glass jar, there are jam jars, the crystal vase that came from grandmother, the party juicer…Build a beautifultraywith glasses, an extra dose of ice and a jug of flavored water for guests to help themselves whenever they want.

Then, enjoy the party and thank you for the compliments on your thoughtfulness and good idea!

Have you ever made flavored water for a special event? What is your favorite recipe? Tell us below!

Reproduction of the post published on 12/20/2018.

How to make flavored water? See 5 flavored water recipes + tips (10)
  • How to make flavored water? See 5 flavored water recipes + tips (11)
How to make flavored water? See 5 flavored water recipes + tips (2024)


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