Financiers with apricot jam recipe (2024)

Financiers are French cakes based on almond flour and beurre noisette. You can easily make Beurre noisette yourself by heating the butter until it is golden. It really gives the almond cakes a very tasty taste! These financiers are filled with Hero apricot jam and therefore incredibly tasty. During baking the jam will sink down so that the jam sits exactly in the center of the financier. Make sure you grease the cupcake tin very well, otherwise the bottom will stick after baking. You can also cut small circles from baking paper and place them in the cupcake tins. The fresh apricot jam goes wonderfully with the full flavor of the French financiers, but you can also make it with raspberry or black cherry jam, for example.

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Hero jam has collected many more delicious recipes for you! Became curious? Then check theHero Jam Studio! But now let's get to work for these amazing financiers!

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Financiers with apricot jam recipe (3) Financiers with apricot jam recipe (4)

List of ingredients

  • For the financiers
  • 110 grams of butter
  • 100 g almond flour
  • 150 g fine sugar
  • 50 g of flour
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 4 egg whites
  • 12 tl Hero apricot
  • Further needed
  • butter, for greasing
  • 75 gr Hero apricot seeds
  • 15 g almond shavings, roasted

Preparation: Financiers with apricot jam

Place the butter in a saucepan and melt it. Let this continue to simmer over medium heat, stirring, until a hazelnut-colored beurre noisette; this takes several minutes. Keep a close eye on the butter, it will quickly go from hazelnut color to burnt and then you can throw the butter away. Pour the beurre noisette into a bowl and try to leave the dark sediments in the pan.

Mix the almond flour, flour, sugar and salt in a bowl and stir in the egg whites. Finally, stir the cooled beurre noisette into the batter and let the batter rest in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

Preheat the oven to 210 °C and grease 12 cavities of a cupcake tin well with butter. Using a piping bag or (ice cream) scoop, fill the molds halfway full with the batter. Spoon a teaspoon of Hero apricot jam into the center of each mold. Bake the financiers for 15-20 minutes until golden brown and done. Immediately after baking, remove the financiers from their mold and let them cool on a rack.

Heat the apricot jam slightly in a saucepan and brush the financiers with it. Finally, sprinkle them with the roasted almond shavings.

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Photos: Erik Spronk


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Comments (12)

Laura Geerlings2017-12-18 13:14:03

Should the egg whites be beaten until foamy, or added unbeaten????

To answer


Rutger2017-12-18 14:26:34

The egg whites go in unbeaten.

To answer

Financiers with apricot jam recipe (8)

Diana2017-12-19 06:26:12

Good idea about that piece of baking paper at the bottom of Rutger!
I have been making something like this for years with so-called four-quarter batter, the egg whites are also beaten separately, but the yolks are still added.
Your version seems less heavy to me.
Thank you for your nice recipes?

To answer


Rutger2017-12-20 12:20:24

Don't mention it! By the way, you don't have to beat the egg whites in this recipe.

To answer

Financiers with apricot jam recipe (9)

Berry2017-12-20 13:41:28

Hi Rutger,
Do you happen to know how much 4 proteins weigh? I plan to buy an egg white only bottle, but I need to know how much it weighs so I have enough. Thank you in advance.
Greetings and thank you for all those delicious recipes of yours. They are easy to copy because of your clear descriptions. Simply great!

To answer


Rutger2017-12-22 17:37:20

Hi! Thanks for your message! 4 egg whites are approximately 120 grams.

To answer

Financiers with apricot jam recipe (10)

Yvonne2017-12-20 16:01:05

Do I now use the same almond flour as the self-raising almond flour variant from a packet? in the supermarket?

To answer


Rutger2017-12-22 17:26:43

That is not the same at all and gives a less tasty result. Almond flour is nothing more than ground almonds. The self-raising flour you mean consists of only 38% almonds and is also rice flour and lupine flour. That is not suitable for this recipe.

To answer

Financiers with apricot jam recipe (11)

Marianne2017-12-20 20:57:37

Have Rutger,

How long can you keep caramel sauce in the refrigerator?
Your ice cream cake is already in the freezer for Christmas and I will make the Christmas turban on Saturday.
Thanks for all your recipes and Merry Christmas!

To answer


Rutger2017-12-22 17:23:47

You can keep the caramel sauce in the refrigerator for up to a week. Good to hear that you enjoy all the recipes so much! Nice days!

To answer

Financiers with apricot jam recipe (12)

Bep Rijksen2017-12-23 15:25:12

I miss the moment when you have to add the sugar.
I just do it straight away with the flour, etc.
Merry Christmas

To answer


Rutger2017-12-24 14:19:59

Sorry, I forgot to add that. The sugar must indeed be mixed at the same time as the flour.

To answer

Financiers with apricot jam recipe (13)

Bianca2018-01-24 18:21:58

Hi Rutger, have you ever tried freezing these? I want to bake them in double quantity tomorrow so that I have a supply. They are really tasty. My mother would also like to have something with it, but she won't be arriving until next week. Hence.

To answer


Rutger2018-01-28 13:38:51

I think that should be possible very well!

To answer

Financiers with apricot jam recipe (14)

Janneke2018-02-19 18:13:19

Just made these financiers, unfortunately the bottom remained stuck and the jam had sunk to the bottom, leaving a hole in the bottom. Taste is good, do you have any tips for next time?

To answer


Rutger2018-02-20 10:37:00

The jam should drop so that it ends up exactly in the middle of the financier. For next time you can place some baking paper on the bottoms, so you can be sure that they will come out of their shape properly. You can also place the pan low in the oven. This way the financiers get more heat from below, so the bottom cooks faster and you don't get a hole in the middle.

To answer

Financiers with apricot jam recipe (15)

Picture2018-09-30 16:41:16

Is it also possible to put the batter in paper cupcake molds instead of putting baking paper on the bottoms?

To answer


Rutger2018-10-01 09:18:17

Certainly! That is also very possible!

To answer

Financiers with apricot jam recipe (16)

Femke2021-11-25 18:00:43

Hello Rutger, I made financiers for the first time this afternoon. They are in the oven now. I'm so curious if it will work. I used the halva jam because it contains less sugar and such a Zoe5 cake could use some sourness. You will hear from me whether they were successful.

To answer


Rutger2021-11-30 13:59:14

Sounds delicious! Enjoy it!

To answer

Financiers with apricot jam recipe (17)

Femke Funcke-Elshout2021-12-25 16:51:20

About a month ago I came across the name Financiers in a beautiful novel about Paris. I immediately looked up what exactly it was and then made them using Rutger's recipe. What a delicious cake! This morning I baked another batch, especially for Boxing Day when the children and grandchildren come. Warm Christmas greetings and good luck with the Rutger website.

To answer


Caroline2022-05-21 22:38:37

Dear Rutger,

Why does apricot jam leak out during baking?

To answer


Rutger2022-05-22 17:42:15

Could it be that you put a little too much jam in it?

To answer

Financiers with apricot jam recipe (18)

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Financiers with apricot jam recipe (19)

Financiers with apricot jam recipe (2024)


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