Bulgarian zacusca recipe. Tips for a tasty snack (2024)


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Bulgarian sausage recipe.It's hard to say where zacusca comes from and where it was first made, because each people has improved the recipe and each one has its specifics.

Bulgarian sausage recipe.Ingredients:

  • dried garlic, 1 head,
  • eggplant 2 kg,
  • tomatoes 1 kg,
  • donuts 1 kg.

Bulgarian sausage recipe.Method of preparation:

Clean the vegetables and wash them. Peel the aubergines, leaving 2 cm long unpeeled strands, cut into 2-2.5 cm thick rounds.

Then cut each round into quarters or halves and place in salted water (1/2 spoonful of salt is added to 1 liter of water) and leave for 1-2 hours so that the eggplants release their bitter juice.

Scald the tomatoes, put them immediately in cold water, remove the skins and cut them into 2-3 cm rounds. Clean the spines and seeds from the donuts and cut them into quarters.

Clean the garlic, cut each clove in two or three, lengthwise. Pour a little oil on the bottom of a 4-5 kg ​​dish, put the doughnuts, then follow the eggplants, rinsed in cold water, well drained, the garlic, and the tomato slices are placed on top.

Bulgarian sausage recipe.Care must be taken that each layer of vegetables is 2-3 cm thick, pour the oil and spices and place the dish in the oven on high heat, and after 25-30 minutes, reduce the heat.

The zacusca is ready when it has reduced and the oil has risen to the surface.

Then put the zacusca in jars and boil in a bain-marie for about 30 minutes.

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Bulgarian zacusca recipe. Tips for a tasty snack (2024)


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