Affordable Slim (with physical book) | 105 healthy budget recipes (2024)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can I lose with this?

Whether you want to lose 5, 10 or more than 30 kilos: Affordable Slim will help you achieve that.

If you choose a recipe from the book for all meals in one day, you can lose up to 2 kilos per week. However, the results differ per individual, as every person and every body is unique.

Are they new recipes?

Yes, the recipes from Voordelig Slim have been specially developed for you by our nutritionists and have never been published before by PuurFigure.

I don't eat meat or fish. Can I use the recipes?

Yes, that is certainly possible.

We provide suitable vegetarian options for every recipe with meat or fish. The book also contains delicious vegetarian recipes.

I don't eat dairy. Can I use the recipes?

Yes, even if you don't eat dairy, you can make the recipes from this book. You will find suitable dairy-free options for all recipes with dairy.

What is the delivery time?

Ordered before 11 p.m. on workdays? Then you will receive the book the next day.

If you order on Saturday or Sunday, the book will be delivered on Tuesday.

This is what you get when you order Affordable Slim:

  • A physical hardcover book of 220 pages
  • 105 tasty and healthy budget recipes
  • Nutritional values ​​for each recipe
  • Dairy-free alternatives for every recipe with dairy
  • Vegetarian options with every recipe with meat or fish
  • Scientifically based weight loss advice
  • Tips to save hundreds of euros per year
  • Bonus 1: e-book with 10 budget recipes for sweet treats worth €9.95
  • Bonus 2: e-book with 10 recipes for low budget snacks and side dishes worth € 9.95
  • Help from nutritionists with questionst.w.v. € 60 per uur
  • Free shipping on hardcover book worth €4.95

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Affordable Slim (with physical book) | 105 healthy budget recipes (3)

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*Disclaimer: Puur Figure BV has done its utmost to express and convey this product as correctly and clearly as possible. However, we make no guarantees for the content or accuracy. PuurFigure does not provide medical advice and we advise you to always contact your doctor if you have any doubts, use medication or health problems. Results of Affordable Slim differ per individual.

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Affordable Slim (with physical book) | 105 healthy budget recipes (2024)


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