50 recipes in 30 minutes (2024)

50 recipes in 30 minutes (1)

“A healthy lifestyle doesn't have to take a lot of time”

Dear fellow sufferer,

You're probably here because you want to lose a few pounds without spending hours in the kitchen.

My name isRia Kamelle. I amauteurfrom various books such as: Overcome your Menopause, Slim through Menopause and 20 Days Sugar Free.

50 recipes in 30 minutes (3)

Ria Kamelle

Author of: "Slim through Menopause", "Overcome your Menopause" and "20 Days Sugar Free"

I have been helping women with menopausal complaints for several years now.

Obesity is often caused by menopause. With the right recipes you can regain control of your health.

The biggestfrustrationsWhen it comes to “healthy eating” it often comes down to the following:

Many ingredients per recipe

Expensive ingredients

Ingredients that are difficult to obtain (that you rarely use)

Long preparation time per recipe

Few dishes to take to work

Then you realize that you're never actually going to use the special ingredients again and that the long preparation time doesn't motivate you to continue - you give up...


This frustration has repeatedly prevented many women from being able to maintain healthy eating. It simply takes too much time and effort for them to be so intensely involved with nutrition.

In addition to your life in the kitchen, you often have many other things to arrange and relationships you want to maintain, such as:

  • household
  • your family
  • your job
  • is a partner
  • your friends

I can imagine that you are busy too and thatyou don't feel like standing in the kitchen for hours.

50 recipes in 30 minutes (4)

“Many women choose a diet that is impossible to maintain, meaning their results are only temporary and the pounds simply come back.”

Do you recognize the situation in which a friend or acquaintance tells you with great enthusiasm that she has lost 3 to 5 kilos and that the following month you hear and see that everything has gained back?

Itwell-known yo-yo effectmade losing weight a real hell for me. Time and time again the disappointment that I have failed again and that I have done something wrong.

Why does it go wrong? What am I still doing wrong?why do all those other women succeed??

“Discover the 3 biggest pitfalls if you want to lose weight”

There are a number of reasons why it affects some womenunable to get the dream figurethat they want. Below are the 3 most important ones:

Pitfall #1: don't start a diet (again).

50 recipes in 30 minutes (5)

A crash diet is always doomed to failure. You then work fanatically for a few days and when you're done, you are indeed a few kilos lighter...

... after a while the kilos simply come back. Dieting has caused you to do the following - even though it wasn't your fault:

  • Your body has lost essential minerals
  • Ishormone balance is disturbed
  • Your immune system is weakened
  • You have less energy
  • You get a craving for something sweet

Your body has had to endure a lot during a diet and wants to recover from it. The result? Binge eating, snacking and kilos piling on again.

Your disrupted hormone balance only makes things more difficult for your body.

Pitfall #2: counting calories

50 recipes in 30 minutes (6)

Women in (early) menopause have an extra hard time. Young women are less affected by fluctuating hormones and can handle a little more. Their diet does not have to take this into account at all.

Menopausal womenmust be extra careful. It is important to choose a method that:

  • replenishes imbalances (minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids) in your body
  • keeps your blood sugar level stable
  • stimulates your metabolism

Counting caloriesdoes not contribute to this. Many women who count calories every day forget that food contains essential substances that the body needs.

How does your body function on 1500 calories, which consist of fast carbohydrates and unhealthy fats? Light products often contain fewer calories, but are not healthier. Just the opposite is true...It's more important to find out what foods feel good and are good for your body.

Pitfall #3: skipping meals

50 recipes in 30 minutes (7)

There is no need to starve yourself. By eating less and less you may initially lose a few pounds, but they will simply come back over time.

because of thisweakens your immune system, you have less energy and you are more likely to get sick.

Things you absolutely don't want. Moreover, you are not doing your metabolism any favors by skipping meals. This lowers your metabolism, teaching your body to store fat instead of burning it. You can prevent this problem by planning sufficient meal times.

It is important to have sufficient snacks within reach that are easy to prepare. For example, think of:

  • Nuts
  • Smoothies
  • Gluten-free crackers

“A diet not only deprives your body of essential minerals, but also creates imbalances in your hormone balance.”

Are you also ready for recipes that:

50 recipes in 30 minutes (8)

  • Be suitable for the whole family
  • Be ready in 30 minutes or less
  • Contain only 5-6 ingredients
  • Ideal for 40+ women
  • Keep your blood sugar level stable
  • Being good for your hormone balance
  • Contain simple ingredients

“Here are some of the recipes…”

50 recipes in 30 minutes (9)

Breakfast mix with fruit

50 recipes in 30 minutes (10)

Banana and nectarine pudding

50 recipes in 30 minutes (11)

egg cake

50 recipes in 30 minutes (12)

Poppy seed crackers

50 recipes in 30 minutes (13)

Grilled tuna with green bean salad

50 recipes in 30 minutes (14)

Zucchini with pepper and minced meat

50 recipes in 30 minutes (15)

“Here is a brief overview of what you will receive”

  • Get 50 super-fast fat-burning recipes
  • Recipes with an average of 5-6 ingredients
  • Average preparation time: 27 minutes per recipe
  • 100% gluten and dairy free
  • No expensive pills, powders or supplements needed
  • Recipes for breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner and dessert
  • Natural ingredients, available in every supermarket
  • Meals that are suitable for the whole family (no cooking twice)
  • Recipes that do not cause menopausal symptoms
  • Ideal addition for Slim through Menopause and 20-day Sugar Free recipes
  • Useful shopping lists
  • Recipes that keep your blood sugar levels stable (no energy dips)
  • You are not tied to a subscription, but you do receive new updates for free

“Receive the following 3 bonuses today”

Bonus #1: 10 bread substitutes that are healthy

50 recipes in 30 minutes (16)

  • 10 delicious recipes to replace bread
  • free from gluten and yeast
  • 100% natural
  • ideal to combine with healthy toppings
  • T.w.v. € 10,-
Bonus #2: 10 Treats to Enjoy

50 recipes in 30 minutes (17)

  • ideal for handing out during visits or parties
  • free from e-numbers, sugar and artificial additives
  • 100% natural
  • even children will like it
  • T.w.v. € 10,-
Bonus #3: handy shopping lists

50 recipes in 30 minutes (18)

  • Receive the time-saving shopping lists
  • Save time at the supermarket
  • Have more time for more important things
  • Digital files, so access anytime, anywhere via your mobile
  • T.w.v. € 17,-
Bonus #4: 3-week meal planner

50 recipes in 30 minutes (19)

  • Receive the meal planner for 3 weeks
  • Includes handy template to plan your own meals
  • Save time
  • T.w.v. € 10,-
Bonus #5: Lifetime Updates

50 recipes in 30 minutes (20)

  • Receive free updates
  • Get new tips and insights via the newsletter
  • T.w.v. € 17,-
  • 50 recipes in 30 minutes (21)

    "Finally quick and healthy recipes!"

    I had been looking for healthy recipes that were quick to prepare for quite some time.

    I've tried other cookbooks before. It often disappoints me...

    Then you need to have dozens of powders and herbs at home. I don't have one, so I have to buy it... costing me tons of money.

    I am very happy with these 50 recipes from your Ria! Finally quick and healthy recipes that are affordable!

    Thank you!

    Berda (57), Den Bosch

  • 50 recipes in 30 minutes (22)

    "I am now in my second week and I have lost 1.7 kilos in 2 weeks."

    Initially I lost 4 kilos with the Slim through Menopause in 4 weeks program. I then decided to continue with Ria's 50 recipes in 30 minutes.

    I am now in my second week and I have lost 1.7 kilos in 2 weeks.

    Saar Berkenkamp (45), Rotterdam

  • 50 recipes in 30 minutes (23)

    "The recipes taste delicious!"

    Fantastic! I don't have to cook twice, my husband can just eat with me and he likes them too!

    I lost 4 kilos in 3 weeks. I have never managed that before!

    Marjan van Kronenberg (49), Utrecht

50 recipes in 30 minutes (24)50 recipes in 30 minutes (25)50 recipes in 30 minutes (26)

“I have now lost a total of 6.5 kilos and have shrunk more than 4 centimeters all around”
50 recipes in 30 minutes (27)

“Try my recipes for 30 days”

50 recipes in 30 minutes (28)

Guarantee #1:

Not happy, money back

I am so confident in my experience and knowledge that you can try it risk-free. If you have completed the program and are not convinced by my recipes, please send me an email. You will receive the full amount refunded!

50 recipes in 30 minutes (29)

Guarantee #2:

Try for 30 days

If you find the program valuable, keep it. Are you not satisfied? Let me know. I will immediately refund your money to your account within 30 days. No questions, no difficulties. The program is 100% digital, so you don't have to return anything.

50 recipes in 30 minutes (30)

Guarantee #3:

Access within 1 minute

All you have to do is click on the 'Direct Access' link below. You will then go to a secure ordering page. There you can choose your email address and payment method. (iDeal, PayPal or other). After payment you will receive immediate access to the entire program.

We stand behind our promises. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the program: 50 Recipes in 30 Minutes, just send us an email. You have a 30-day money back guarantee after the date of purchase.

50 recipes in 30 minutes (31)

“Ria, how much will this cost me?”

How much would it be worth to you to continue losing weight without a yo-yo effect? Health experts informed me that this program should cost at least $79. But then it would no longer be affordable for some women. That's why just today I want to make you a special offer:

You don't pay €79, but...

One-time payment of
€69,- €49,- €39,-€27,-

(This is a limited time launch offer and the price will go back to €39 this week)

I will stop this offer at short notice and offer the program for €39 so that it is still a bargain. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, click on the button below now to gain immediate access to all bonuses:

Yes Ria, I want to take advantage of the offer and receive immediate access to the program and all extras!

50 recipes in 30 minutes (32)

  • I understand that after payment I have immediate access to the program: “50 Recipes In 30 Minutes” with all bonuses.

  • I understand that by taking action today I will pay the low price of €27 instead of €79 or €49

  • I know that I have a 30-day money back guarantee and that if I am not satisfied I will get my money back.

That's why I'm clicking on the button below RIGHT NOW

"Frequently Asked Questions"

What is “50 Recipes in 30 Minutes” for a program
What makes “50 Recipes in 30 Minutes” unique
I have previously purchased a program from Ria Kamelle, such as: Slim through Menopause and / or 20 Days Sugar Free. Can I also use this program?
How many pounds of weight loss should I expect if I want to follow this program?
Do I need any special cooking tools?
Am I tied to a subscription or are there hidden costs?
Is something being sent to me?
How long will it take before I can start?
Do you offer a guarantee?
Are the dishes free of gluten and dairy?
I don't eat meat, is this program still suitable for me?
Why do I have to register after payment?
What do I receive with the program: “50 Recipes in 30 Minutes”?
Can I open the books on my phone or tablet?
How long will the program be available?
How can I reach you if I have any questions or problems?

P.S. You can now do 3 things
  1. Leave this page without any action, only to come back later and see that the price has increased to €39.
  2. You can look for other books or programs that are often theoretical, more difficult and more expensive.
  3. You decide to try my program for 30 days€79,-€27,-

Lose weight quickly, easily and effectively with my recipe book
50 recipes in 30 minutes (2024)


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