2023 hairstyles medium length trend – the perfect hairstyle (2024)

Medium length hairstyles 2023– From short bobs and pixies to curls and natural hairstyles 2023: these hair colors and cuts are the trends of tomorrow

We give you an overview of which hairstyles will be popular in 2023 and how to style the cuts. The appearance of the new trend is very variable. Each basic model in the new “Freigeist” collection can be transformed into several variants in just a few simple steps. In addition to the natural hairstyle, which, for example, highlights softly falling curls, trendsetters in the coming year will also enhance sharp and straight cuts with sharp lines and edges. A look with a retro feel that can be very stylish is an elegant look with a center part. Page distribution is also making a comeback.

Medium length hairstyles 2023

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For short hairstyles, precise cuts with a lot of structure and smooth contours and edges, they are full and dimensionally stable. For medium-length hair, a classic bob is still in vogue, with short cuts, straight lines and straight hair, or as a short bob that also shows off the curls.

Trend hairstyles 2023: Five hairstyles you should try

When it comes to hair colors, the focus is on natural colors that refine the natural tone or make it casual and interesting in 2023 with lighter highlights in a “sun-kissed look”. In addition to warm brown and caramel tones such as “Golden Brown” and “Salted Caramel”, experts rely on light and cool tones. Almost black “Dark Graphite” is just as popular as very light blonde. Called “Arctic Blond”, this one has no reflections in the violet, silver or gold range. Special short haircuts like a pixie are particularly eye-catching colors like strong pink. A neon or pastel color makes a nice statement, as an all-over color it's certainly not for everyone, but it can also add a special touch as an accent or a splash of color.

“With the trend hairstyles for 2023, we are showing very variable looks that emphasize personality – sometimes natural, sometimes non-conformist. For example, we can make the face appear softer with soft contours, emphasize a casual style or convey strength and joy of life with unusual cuts and colors. From the “Freigeist” collection onwards, the name means “presenting yourself perfectly,” explains art director and brand ambassador Robert Mrosek.

Long hair will continue to be popular in 2023. The trend of hairstyles for long hair is expressed in two directions: either the hair becomes very soft or it is highlighted with a lot of movement. Both soft waves and big curls are popular. The fashion shows featured models from various designers sporting sharp, elegant looks on the runways. Straight hair, usually worn with a defined center part, is worked with hot tools to make it completely straight and shiny. A straightener or hairdryer and a round brush are suitable for this. To keep your hair looking healthy and silky, good care, heat protection and regular trimming are essential. As an alternative to loose hair, hairdressing experts advocate tied-back ponytails. Elegant hair is combed close to the head and fixed with gel or hairspray. The ponytail is usually tied in the middle of the head. A shiny ponytail looks especially chic when the hair is given a smooth finish with a high-shine styling spray.

Curls and waves appear confident, casual and authentic. Big soft waves that frame the face have been on the list of long hair trends for several seasons and will definitely remain trendy in 2023. For the so-called “big waves” a large curling iron is used to give the hair generous movement. To give the soft waves a fresh elegance, the movement is interrupted at the ends with the straightener. The intensity of the waves can vary. The fashionable hairstyle “light curls”, for example, shows only very slightly defined waves, which can be combed with a straightener after styling or undone with the help of a texturizing spray and presented in a fresh look. Curls, and especially natural curls, remain a major issue for all hair lengths. Natural curls in long hairstyles have a special charisma. Its structure must be recognized, emphasized and used correctly in order to develop its full effect. To emphasize the structure of the curls, a voluminous mousse is applied and the hair is dried with a diffuser after washing. Individual curls can be touched up and strengthened with a conical curling iron. A curl emulsion helps to bind and define the curls perfectly. If you like your curls a little wilder, use a texturizing spray for a tousled beach look.

Hairstyle trends 2023: What will fashionistas wear next year and attract applause?

Hardly any other hairstyle is as versatile and versatile as the bob. In 2023, many women's favorite hairstyle will have many variations. On the one hand, the trend is for a blunt bob cut with an elegant look, on the other hand, the bob follows the trend of too much volume and stands out due to defined curls or bouncy hair growth.

In 2023, the classic straight bob will be worn with a precise chin-length haircut with a precise parting. This variation of the bob is all about straight edges and lines. All hair is cut in one length without layers. They have clean lines down the middle and bold hair colors with a sleek, minimalist look, such as a cool, light blonde. In this style, the hair is blow-dried with a volume mousse and without volume with a round brush. The perfect finish is to use an iron. This gives the hairstyle a smooth and shiny finish. As a variation, the bob can be very feminine and voluminous, with an asymmetrical, deep side parting. To achieve this look, add movement, volume and bounce to your hair with a round brush.

The '90s-inspired Bixie is back. The cut is a mix of bob and pixie. The style allows for as much versatility as the bob. Like the pixie, the short neck gives a feeling of lightness. Gradations give the look volume. Curls are part of this cut thanks to the many layers. A rounded edge flatters the face and, in combination with blow-dried tips, suggests a chic retro look. The use of special hair color accents also supports the style and look. The curls in this look are particularly strong when the lengths and ends are slightly lightened. Caramel highlights are trending in brown hair.

2023 hairstyles medium length trend – the perfect hairstyle (2)

The smaller the curls, like an Afro, the livelier and more distinctive the look will be. Round layers can perfectly accentuate these curls and play them confidently. As an alternative to a casual hairstyle, the updo look is stylish. The hair is tied back at the back of the head and individual hairs are removed. Plucked back hair makes the facial contours appear more feminine and softer.

Hairstyle Trend: 2023 Everyone Wants To Have This Trend Bangs

The classic pixie with a short neckline and slightly longer hair on top of the head will be back in style in 2023. This cut is a classic look that beautifully emphasizes the contours of the face. The trend now relies on different levels and lengths of hairstyles and stands out with short bangs or long sides. It's even more striking when accented with a bold pixie hair color like pastel or neon. If you want a striking short hair that isn't as sharp as a pixie, opt for a short bob. With this bob variant, the hair ends at the level of the cheeks or earlobes. With fringes and different hair lengths, the short bob offers many styling options and looks very soft but also cute.

Strikingly short cut backs and short baby bangs characterize the unusual pixie look. The bangs with a distinctive fringe fall gently onto the forehead. The different lengths of the hairstyle characterize this haircut. If you are brave, you can also choose a bold hair color. A bright pink, for example, radiates strength and joy of life with an unconventional pixie cut. A casual, undone style emphasizes the character of the haircut. Presumably imperfect is intentional. A wax provides support and lets creativity run wild when styling. Work the product and spread the mold until it cools.

Short bob looks stylish and distinctive with straight hair. In this shorter version of the classic, the hair ends at the level of the cheekbones and falls no further than the earlobes. This cut incorporates many different lengths into the hair, as well as very smooth edges. Several steps can easily be reached at the back of the head. The front part of the hair remains a little longer in the 2023 hairstyle trend. This creates an asymmetrical cut that adds volume and momentum. Otherwise the hair can come out of the face with a lot of volume. Feminine elegance is created in just a few simple steps. Rich hair color, in which the natural hair color is given a special color shine, for example through intensive dyeing, refines the hair with a lot of shine. A dark graphite goes particularly well with this cut. This shade goes perfectly with heavily textured haircuts and gives a shiny look.

There will also be a men's haircut movement in 2023. With slightly longer top hair, waves or curls are at the top of the trend scale, similar to women's haircuts. The undercut is a real classic among men's hairstyles that suits men of all ages and will continue to be popular in 2023. The smooth contours of the cut emphasize the striking facial features. A deep parting defines this look. The cut is fresh and elegant with structural fiber wax. The hair continues to fall out naturally and randomly. The hairdresser is working

Hairstyles 2023: These hair colors and cuts are the trends of tomorrow

2023 hairstyles medium length trend – the perfect hairstyle (2024)


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